Wildlife Plan


One of the principal goals of the design of the Ranch has been the preservation and enhancement of wildlife habitat. In conjunction with the Ranch’s conservation easement, a wildlife management plan has been created to provide a structured program for the administration of this fragile resource.

Among the many things the wildlife plan addresses are: winter and spring range for migrating and residential animals; movement corridors; preservation of reproduction, calving, fawning, and social areas; maintenance of courtship and mother-young areas for maximum species survival; bird habitat and the dynamics of the other large and small animals living within the boundaries of the Ranch.

Certain upland areas of the Ranch are reserved for elk habitat. During the spring, when elk are calving, this preserve is temporarily closed to human activity. In addition, the trout ponds and riparian habitat are managed to ensure the diversity of the species in and around the numerous ponds, river and riparian areas.The wildlife plan is administered by the Ranch Manager in coordination with the Colorado Division of Wildlife and the Ranch Association.